Merry Christmas! Now I get to show some of my recent work without spoiling any surprises. Tim and I collaborated on this gift for my mom, and it's definitely my favorite this year. I wish we were keeping it, but instead I think we're going to make ourselves one more like the original drawing (including the beer can and the hot dog).

I always think its funny how well Tim and I work together. We get annoyed with each other, but we do actually have fun while arguing over which color each little piece should be. Sometimes I think its just important for us to finish something together. These are the times that I love being with someone who is creative, but not only that respects my creativity and vision. I always think its funny when people say 'two artists make a bad pair'. Sometimes I think the best thing we have in common is our work and desire to make things.

Projects like this one also make this time of the year really feel like something meaningful. There's a build up of all the hard work, then the excitement over the finished product, and finally the moment you are able to give it to someone who means a whole lot to you!