Our bedroom is finally feeling pretty cohesive since I moved in May, but of course we'll always have a few more finishing touches. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment in Queens, and decided to take the smaller of the two bedrooms for our actual bedroom. We use the "master bedroom" as our studio space, which I'll post pictures of sometime soon!

Clearly we don't have room for a dresser or the typical storage furniture, so we use galvanized bins from Ikea to store all of our foldable clothing. Tim and I try very hard to live with and buy less so our tiny closet is JUST enough room for all of my photography equipment, our shoes and clothing on hangers. By JUST I don't mean all shoved in either, it really just fits perfectly!

The art in this room is particularly meaningful. All of it was made by dear friends, mentors and one is a self portrait of Tim and I. The vintage feed sacks were a gift from my mom, and we stretched them over canvas stretchers to hang.