We've been getting our work on in the new studio nearly every chance we get. It is definitely the new most used room in our place, and the sofa folds out for our frequent house guests. It's so nice after two years to be able to work side by side again, even if it is on different projects. This room is really the master bedroom, but we decided we needed the bigger room for our workspace. This is not to say that my photo stuff isn't all over the apartment or that our projects don't overflow into the living/dining room.


This room has a sort of anything goes feeling as far as the colors. Can you tell who is the tidy one of the two of us?! Hah! The workbench desks were a great

bargain, and are so sturdy. The extra depth gives us plenty of room for making without having to move the computers. They also have this unbelievably huge shelf for printer, sewing machine, and scanner. We bought them from Uline. Who knew?!



 The pull out sofa is from Room and Board clearance, and thankfully the mattress is pretty comfortable. We got it half price since the fabric was being discontinued, but it works great in this room. I've had my Goodform aluminum chair for years, but we found a matching one for Tim a few months ago on etsy. It didn't even need to be reupholstered. The desk lamp was another etsy find while I was living in Boston. We're in love with our Muji drawers for all of our little tools. It's a cheery and bright place to work, so we're enjoying this new space a ton.