A blue quilt for a blue day. Despite the dreary weather, I decided I just had to photograph this one anyway today. I posted about this quilt made with our old button up shirts a few weeks ago. I'm coming to terms with the orange fabric finally, and I guess it's just going to have to be the binding. I waited forever to get my hands on some more of the duck egg shot cotton. That's the last time I'm going to be stuck without enough fabric to finish a project. Lesson learned: plan a tiny bit more. I'm going to be pulling in a yellow thread for my handquilting to pick up the yellow in several of the patterned fabrics. Not quite sure what my plan of attack is, but I know I'll be quilting triangles in some way. Really digging the linen for this one. It's like bleached driftwood or something really lovely and weathered. I'm also really into the way the star blocks sort of dance with the value play.