I've been to a few fabric stores in my time, but my favorite by far is the Mennonite owned shop nestled in the most gorgeous farm country near Klienfeltersville, PA. Burkholders is really the only place I've been where I can actually walk in the door and pick fabric for a whole quilt. I have such weird taste, and most stores only have the modern quilting fabric lines or the super kitchy reproduction fabrics. This place, literally, has it all under one roof. Choosing fabric is so weird for me. I hate quilting with a "line" of fabric because it feels so unoriginal. At the same time I don't really like to walk in to the stores where the fabric is coordinated by color to pick my fabrics -- good prints just seem to get lost in a sea of monochrome that way. Choosing fabrics for my quilts is a lot more organic than either of those paths, and I guess that makes me like a "scrap quilter". A few from one line, and a weird one from here then all the sudden I've got a quilt going. Some part of me wants to hold onto the traditional, but I can't deny that I want to make something fresh and modern. I guess it only makes sense that I'm shopping at Purl Soho every weekend, but have an undying love for the Mennonite gem near where I grew up.