I'm literally and truely addicted to hand quilting. Now that I've finished hand quilting an actual adult sized quilt I feel like I can tackle any size, and I was on pins and needles when I pulled it from the drier last night. The linen and silk (pink stuff) washed up unbelievably soft with the slightest shine. It was not the most cooperative fabric to work with, but in the end it really was the perfect choice for this quilt.

Early in the process I had a lovely woman inquire about purchasing this quilt. I was really flattered, but as I labored over the little stitched strawberries the idea of sending this quilt away began to really tug at my heart strings. As I got to know more about this quilt's new home, I learned that this cancer survivor and her husband hope to use it in the nursery for a baby they dreamed of but worried chemo might prevent. It very quickly became clear to me, without knowing it or accepting it in the process: I have been making this quilt for just this family all along. Now I'm left with the wonderful satisfaction that my handiwork will grow and age in the folds of their domestic lives.