The scene of yesterdays mishap. I figured it was time to share our kitchen and the new wall quilt Tim and I created. Since yesterday's fiasco, we are now looking for new flor carpet tiles to replace these old ones. There are a few burns right infront of the sink.

 We've been making attempts at 'warming/cozying up' the kitchen. I've added some vintage goodies to the extra deep windowsill, and a small ikea lamp since we don't have a light just over the sink. Overhead lighting drives me nuts, so we're working on better lighting for all the rooms.


Tim has been painting these, so we decided to make one just for us to put on a quilt for our kitchen. He cut out all the pieces and helped me applique a few, and then I did all of the hand quilting, squaring and binding.


Now, we're looking to add a little color, while maintaining durability, to the flor carpet tiles. We've narrowed it down to the tiles below. What do you think?!