I'm working on the next round of my hand pieced medallion quilt. The square in squares have been so fun to piece, and I'm really trying to play up the hodge podge of color/value match scraps within the same row. It's my favorite part about the original quilt and the quilts by some of the other 'quilt-along-ers'. Most everything else so far is really not so much like the original, and I thought a long time before starting this round about whether to keep it sort of 'light almost neutral value' on 'light almost neutral value'. I figured in the end that the greens and blues I'm working with are almost the same value and are close enough on the color wheel in hue to create a simmilar effect with a tiny bit more contrast. I'm excited to see how these design choices will make the quilt feel when I'm finished. Right now all the tiny squares are like little leaves falling and blowing around the studio whenever the wind blows in the window. I almost don't want to sew them together, maybe they've got a plan of their own.