Not "modern" - I know what you're thinking. I don't mind, I've decided that working with a traditional pattern like this teaches me a lot about technique and patternmaking, and also I just love the double wedding ring. There's a reason they've been around and reproduced so many times, and I think that making quilts like this are an important part of my practice. There are some "rules" about double wedding ring quilts that have been passed down over the years and I've tried to ignore a few when I can. One being that the 'block' centers and melon centers should match, and wait until you see the binding -- it certainly will break any 'traditional' rules that quilters follow when selecting a binding. The color is perfect in terms of color theory and the effect I'm going for. You know it must be good if I actually want to sew the binding, since it usually is the most boring step.

The hand quilting pattern is from a double wedding ring quilt (probably made by a group of mennonite women) on display at the American Folk Art Museum. I'm not really sure if its exactly replicated here since I am hand-drawing it all, and lifted what I liked about it from a photo. It's great to not be working on squares/triangles for once, and now I have all sorts of ideas about incorperating curves into more of my "modern" projects to come.