The rows are getting longer, and a teensy bit fatter. That means the hand sewing is goin' oh so slowly. A few more rows and I'll be saying this quilt is getting big! I am totally obsessed with the way the corner squares look as they build outwards, and I think I can pay a little more attention to the colors and fabrics I'm using to make the effect stronger. I'm actually beginning to feel like they're almost more important than the rows themselves. The whole thing could be white solid fabric and those little corner squares would still be the very best part. These are the kinds of things you notice and fall in love with when you work on something oh so tedious and oh so wonderfully slowly. Should we place bets on when I'll finish this? I'm thinking it's one year down and one to go, but maybe I'll surprise myself. I'm jonesing to get to the hand quilting part.