The happy sunrise and sunset pair are finally both finished, and residing on my studio couch. I was worried Tim and I would be afraid to actually use them, but they dramatically improve the comfort of the sofa since the arms aren't very padded. I like that we're actually going to give them some wear! One day when I'm feeling especially neurotic I'd love to make an estimate of the number of hand quilting stitches there are, hah!

I started these pillows last summer, and worked on them slowly over dozens of train rides between Boston and New York City while Tim and I were living apart. They were the first quilting project I started, and I didn't even have a sewing machine for most of the time I was working on them. It's amazing how a long term project like this changes your relationship with the process of making a thing each and every time. Instead of a quilt I throw together in a week or so, the year I worked gave these a story and connection with a certain time in my life - one full of challenges and life changing experiences.