So I've begun piecing together those little star squares using our old shirts that I posted about a few weeks ago. Can I just say I'm a Hope Valley hater without embarrassment?! I tried to give the line the benefit of the doubt because I love Denyse Schmit and the little motifs on the fabrics a ton. I just wish it were a smidge less muted and creamy. I had bought this orange for the sunrise and sunset pillows but it looked terrible in the mix, so I tossed it into this top since I have a 'use up the stash' rule at the moment. It's alright, just barely working. I'm hoping to suck up the rest of the yard I bought on the back with the natural linen I plan to use to finish this baby. Tim will be chalk drawing some modern and intricate pattern onto the robins egg solid bits for me to hand quilt in hopes of toning down the traditional feel. Working with the shirting material has been such a joy. My mom used one of Tim's favorite shirts that was damaged here (and strangely he's sitting next to me in its replacement as I type), so I had to try it too. We're never throwing out our old button ups again because they're way cuter than a lot of fabrics you can buy for quilting. I've got some more of Tim's flashy plaids to look forward to soon!