I've had quite the interesting week. It's been a volatile mix of terrible and wonderful things all at once, but much to my relief this afternoon feels like things are settling again quite nicely and only better lies in the near future. I was feeling as though the city was really kicking me when I was down, but trying to keep my chin up knowing this big (sometimes rotten) apple is just giving me more character. You certainly have to hold your own to make your own place here, and I'm convinced that the road to stake my place is a rewarding chance to know myself, finding confidences and inspirations I never knew I had inside of me. I was reflecting on that today hand quilting the "hankie" quilt in the afternoon sunlight of our studio, and felt so rewarded to find the rhythmic contact with my project and the sunshine reminding me that I'm still here and time is pulling me upwards and onwards.

Sorry if this post is a little vague. I feel like sharing the specifics of my recent experiences might actually detract from my attempt to express this overarching feeling of momentum that my work gives me through tough times. Hopefully you'll reflect on this gift too while you're making this week.