I found these vintage hankies in pristine condition in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago. They're so wonderfully soft, and I loved the corner shapes on each hankie. I cut them into smaller squares and arranged them in such a way that their plaid patterns could interact then I pieced the remainder of the quilt with subtle variations of neutral linen fabric. I've started quilting the quilt with a really great industrial/vintage feeling dark blue thread, and i'm accenting some of the lines in the hankies that inspired me to piece the quilt. The linen parts will probably be quilted in improvisational lines so I don't really have exact lines drawn out.


I decided to make this quilt a crib quilt size, because I love the idea of creating the connection between generations with quilting. A modern improvisational design with vintage, found fabrics can tell a story and can remind people of something intangible while offering a use to old materials in our contemporary domestic space. I also feel disdain for most manufactured children's items: their limited color palettes, the designs that a child/baby grow out of so quickly (making the items sort of disposable), and limiting a child's experience to all things "cute". I want to make one of a kind pieces that are more than that --- to grow with a child, objects that aren't just "cute", and offer new uses of color and pattern to expand a (family and) child's experience with color, texture and pattern.