More handmade gifts... I'm nearing the bottom of the stack. I'm sure you can guess which I haven't shared yet, and I'll be honest it isn't quite finished yet. Haha, poor Tim and his scarf are at the very bottom of the barrel.

This quilt I made for my step-father to use in his favorite chair while he's cozied up with the dogs. He's a big hunter and outdoorsman, so I couldn't quite make him a wussy quilt. I tried to go with and old school hunting cabin feel, and I think it worked out okay -- matching my mom's living room.


I did a combination of hand quilting and machine quilting for this quilt. The detail shots on the left show some of this. I added some nature inspired motifs like leaves and deer tracks in the hand quilting areas. I love the way this quilting looks on the back of the quilt where there is a little more linen.

My brother received a "moving blanket" quilt for Christmas, and you can get your hands on one too if you click the link!