Things are looking up around here! If you missed it, yesterday I was featured on DailyCandy's NYC edition with a DIY of my quilted coasters. A huge thank you to the editors at DailyCandy for sharing my work. I hope you all will make your own set of coasters.

Spring is bringing along all sorts of new projets and changes into my life. New York City is always reminding me to do things my own way, even when the going gets tough! I'm starting a super exciting new job very soon, although I owe the job I'm leaving for helping really feel like I belong in this big ol' city.

Crafter, sewer, or stitcher with retail experience looking for a job in NYC? Email with your resume and a link to some of your work.

I've been working on the next round of my medallion quilt, and these little golden bricks are really matching the mood around here lately. Hope your projects are putting a little spring into your step too!