I have officially taken the plunge into garment sewing... and I'm totally excited about all the affordable possibilities that creates for my wardrobe. Also, I can be 100% certain that someone in a sweatshop had nothing to do with sewing what I'm wearing. I've been using Colette patterns so far, and I'm obsessed. Not only are they just about the most gorgeously packaged/designed patterns --- but the pictures and the instructions are so straight forward that even as a beginner I could sew the intermediate Cinnamon.

First off I'm not a small lady, and I'm pretty curvy. Finding clothing that is flattering and fits properly is sort of frustrating. I can almost NEVER find slips/camisoles that actually fit me. I made Cinnamon in a 100% cotton chambray, and I'm officially in love. I'll spare you the photo but it fits really well! I think I'm going to make shorter versions to wear under sweaters/blouses for warmer weather.

So then it was onto Sencha (the blouse at the top), and I knew before I started sewing I was going to be obsessed. I bought fabric for 3 versions, and have finished two so far. The yellow floral is Version #2 without any alterations. The pink floral is a liberty print in Version #2, but I added 10 inches to the pattern so that it would fit a little more like a tunic. I can already tell it is going to be a huge hit this summer, because it will be super cool to wear on hot days with cropped leggings. I've got a Version #3 all cut out and ready to sew with another liberty print, but I think it will be a few weeks before I find the time to sew it up.

In all, I'm super excited about making some things that I will actually wear A LOT. It was nice to take a little break from quilting, but now I'm really jonesing to finish a quilt or two!