I've been wanting to make a real bed sized quilt for Tim and I for some time now. I spent a lot of time mulling over what kind of fabric I would use and what it would look like. I thought the double wedding ring quilt would be for my bed when I bought the fabric, but I quickly realized it was better for our living room. I decided triangles would make more sense. An almost austere quilt its so damn simple, and yet hardworking with a light weavers denim making up 90% of the blue halves. Soft and bright is the other half - the frothy white caps of antique muslin. I'll fill it with wool batting, and plan to hand quilt with my very favorite cotton hand quilting thread. I haven't decided if I'll bring curves in with the quilting, or if my hand stitches will be just as straight and rigid as the pieces. It won't be in quilted in the ditch. That much I do know for certain.